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How do I negotiate a higher salary after I get a job offer?
Question from Michelle
How do I negotiate a higher salary after I get a job offer?
Answered by Victoria Young
COO of Outpace

If you’re putting in the work, you deserve to be paid what you’re worth. Of course, this is easier said than done when you’re face to face with a recruiter or your manager. Because sometimes…a pesky little thing called impostor syndrome can get in the way.

Good news is that there is a proven process for getting the most out of your job negotiations and negotiating a higher salary for yourself. Here are our top tips:

1. Focus on creating a “we’re in this together” relationship

Instead of having a me vs. you conversation, cultivate a collaborative tone. Focus on problem-solving toward a mutually optimized solution for both parties. Make it clear to the hiring team that you’re working hard to get across the finish line alongside them.  

2. Make sure they see the value that you bring

Demonstrate why you are worth the compensation that you are asking for. It is not enough that the company likes you, they have to understand why they should pay you what you are asking for. What are you bringing to the table? How will you create business value? Preparing a pitch or sharing a sample strategic approach can help make your value-add undeniable and concrete.

3. Research industry and market baselines

In a negotiation, it’s important to be pushing for what’s within reason in an informed way. You want to avoid losing credibility by asking for compensation that is entirely out of line with the market. Do your research so you know what compensation packages are typical for this role in the industry through websites like Glassdoor, Blind, or If you have mentors or know others in a similar role, ask them what they think is an appropriate range.

4. Consider being creative with tradeoffs

Remember: your prospective employer doesn’t go into the job offer process trying to give you an unfair package. They have other factors that they need to consider like titles, salary bands, standardized expectations, etc. They need to ensure that your compensation is something that the company can afford, and is sustainable in the long run. They also want to make sure that your salary is in line with what others in your role are making as well. Keep in mind their perspective and be flexible with some of the factors they may have more control over, like titles or bonuses.

5. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture

You might not be able to get the exact compensation package you want because it may not be feasible for the organization at that point in time. However, it is not all about the salary, but how this role will impact the trajectory of your career. Remember why you want this role as a whole, and how it might set you up for further success in the future as you negotiate.

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Victoria Young
COO of Outpace

Victoria empowers people to take action to define their values and challenge their limits with compassion, focusing on research-based leadership strategies and from-the-field tactics.


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