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Natalie Rothfels
Operator-in-Residence, Reforge
Shivansh Chaudhary
Chief Product Officer, Fabric
Ali Brandt
Product Coach, ex-Kiva, Change.org
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Outpace Guided Sprints are structured coaching programs combined with 1:1 professional coaching. Each Guided Sprint takes you through a full learning loop of learning, practice, and feedback — in less than an hour a week.

We provide you with a 4 week structured program featuring curated, bite-size content combined with personalized feedback so you can achieve your most ambitious goals...fast.

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I was blown away by the results! I was able to see the outcome of leveling up week-over-week. The Outpace Guided Program is more impactful than results from the purely Socratic method used in coaching elsewhere.

Monil Shah
Product Lead — Growth, Clover

It was invaluable for me to get another perspective on my approaches & challenges and exchange ideas to come to an outcome together with my coach.

Alexandra Denisova
Director of Product, UXCam

Access to content and coaching allowed me to level up from focusing on implementation, to being able to contribute to the company's overall product strategy.

Sadiq Saleh
Senior Product Manager, Clinia

“The in-depth analysis Outpace performed on my approach to product coupled with live 1-1 discussions was a powerful combination that really unlocked massive personal growth. Shortly after the program I was promoted from IC to manager due in no small part to the insights, guidance and areas of opportunity that my coach was able to surface in our sessions.”

David Urbina
Product Manager, Lead @ Raya