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Give yourself the same competitive advantage as the world’s top performers.

Outpace Guided Programs combine 1-on-1 professional coaching with expert content and hands-on exercises. Each program takes you through a full loop of learning, practice, and discussion — in less than an hour a week.

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Outpace Guided Programs combine expert-designed content with 1-on-1 attention from your coach.

Instead of signing up for yet another online course you won’t finish 🙈, partner with your coach to make the breakthrough you need to get to the next level.


Apply insights real-time and get feedback from experts who have real world experience.

Don’t waste your time listening to yet another podcast or book...then forgetting every insight before you had a chance to apply it. 🥲 Outpace Guided Sprints give you actionable exercises to apply your learnings to real-life, right now. Your coach will be there with you at each step of the way to support your needs.


The best investment you can make in yourself. Save time & money while achieving results, fast.

We do the hard work upfront, so you can spend more time applying your learnings. Because we painstakingly curate the world’s best content, frameworks, and exercises for you, you get more out of the time you invest in each Guided Sprint. And you get breakthrough insights from your coach that are unique to you— without the hefty price tag of executive coaching. 😏


Partner with coaches who have real world expertise from top companies.

We have the highest standards for our coaches. All Outpace coaches are trained leaders with experience at world-class companies—and they’re here to share that knowledge with you.


Coaching customized for your needs

Outpace works with your budget. Choose a tier based on how often you'd like to meet with your coach.

Great Value
1 Video call • 30 mins
Personalized 4 week coaching program
Covers topics critical to high performers
Ideal for people new to coaching
Unlimited messaging with your coach
100% money-back guarantee
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Fastest Learning
4 Video calls (1/week) • 45 mins
Personalized 4 week coaching program
Covers topics critical to high performers
45-min live coaching sessions weekly
Unlimited messaging with your coach
100% money-back guarantee
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How do I get reimbursed by my company?

Congrats on making the commitment to invest in yourself! Many companies will cover the cost. To find out if you're covered, you can request reimbursement from your manager and company using the template below:

Dear [Your Manager’s Name],

I’m interested in continuing my professional growth and driving value inside our company by learning new skills, frameworks, and insights. To do this, I’d like to sign up for the [Guided Sprint Name], with your approval to get the expense reimbursed.

Outpace Guided Sprints are 4-week personalized experiences designed for full-time employees to level up with the support of a 1:1 coach. Outpace coaches have experience from top companies including Google, LinkedIn, and more.

Here’s why I think the program is a good fit:

  • It’s short (just four weeks) and designed for full-time professionals, so my usual work won’t slip through the cracks
  • I’ll be coached by and learn from an experienced operator, so it’s a great opportunity to benchmark against and learn from the best
  • I'll work my Outpace coach to personalize the program for my specific needs. I will leave with actionable recommendations to achieve business goals
  • I’ll develop strategic decision-making frameworks, concepts, and exercises that I can share with our team
  • It’s relatively inexpensive vs. other offerings — I’ll learn from world-class operators and get 1:1 coaching for a fraction of the cost of other professional development programs and executive coaching

I can also provide a report of my key takeaways and recommendations to share with the rest of the team.

Would you approve of reimbursement for this expense?

Let me know what you think.


[Your Name]

How often can I communicate with my coach?

Your coach will be your thought partner throughout your 4 weeks with us, so whenever you feel you have new learnings to discuss or an urgent need, send your coach a message through our app! We are here to support you to make the most of your time and money.

How do I make the most out of the coaching experience?

Here’s our guidance that combines advice from top coaches, our team, and Outpacers who have made the most of their experience:

  • 📅 Ensure you can commit: Check your calendar to make sure you have 30-60 minutes each week over the next 4 weeks to dedicate to up-leveling yourself through your Outpace Guided Sprint.
  • ✍🏼  Share context: Be detailed and descriptive in your responses as you complete each module. This gives your coach the context they need.
  • 🤝  Be proactive: As situations or observations arise, take note of them to share with your coach in your live 1:1 session or send them an email.
  • ⏰  Stay on track: Completing your modules and meeting with your coach regularly will help you make the most of the group coaching sessions.
What’s the difference between the Essentials and Enhanced option for a 1:1 Guided Sprint?

Our goal as a team has always been to democratize executive coaching and make top career resources accessible to all across the world.

We built out the Essentials and Enhanced option to cater to your preferences.

With the Essentials ($399) option, you will start the program by connecting live with your coach once via a 30 minute call to get to know one another and set your goals & expectations. After your live meeting, you’ll be able to dive deeper into your 1:1 Guided Sprint learnings and needs by messaging your coach asynchronously through the app. This option is great if you’ve never tried coaching before and would like to see the massive benefits coaching can bring to your career.

With the Enhanced ($1199) option, you will connect live with your coach once a week over the 4 weeks, for a total of four 45 minute calls. Throughout the 4 weeks, just as offered in the Essentials package, you will also be able to connect with your coach via messaging asynchronously in the app to dive deeper into your 1:1 Guided Sprint learnings and needs. This option is great if you love to talk out your learnings and would like to have a live thought partner to discuss with synchronously.

We have seen great success with both the Essentials and the Enhanced package so choose the package you think would be the best fit for your personal growth.

How does an Outpace 1:1 Guided Sprint work?

At Outpace, we’re ushering a new wave of coaching. We’ve built an ultra-personalized experience for you by bringing together the top content and 1:1 feedback loops you need to hit your most ambitious goals in only 4 weeks time. Our unique structure saves you money and time and brings you ultimate results.

After you complete your onboarding, our team will match you with a top coach who has the best skillset and experience to support your career journey during the 4 weeks and beyond. Each week for 4 weeks, a new module will unlock where you will dive into curated content, spend 30-60 minutes applying what you’ve learned via our carefully formed exercises, then receive direct feedback from your coach - all on our app.

Over the 4 weeks, your coach will be your thought partner for your career all the way. Not only will you discuss your discoveries from your 1:1 Guided Sprints, but you will work through all the blockers you’re facing as you’re bringing your career to the next level.

At the end of the 4 weeks, you’ll reflect proudly on your transformation 🚀 and we will be right there celebrating with you.