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📣 Announcing Outpace Q&A - Ask Any Question & Get an Expert Response

We're making it easy to get detailed answers on the most challenging questions that leaders in product share. Submit your question. Get a response from one of our experts right away.

📣 Announcing Outpace Q&A - Ask Any Question & Get an Expert Response
Ravi Mehta
Aug 29, 2022

🎉  Today, we are excited to officially announce Q&A! Our team’s way of democratizing access to world-class frameworks and knowledge in tech🎉

The tech landscape is ever-changing and although there is great content out there on how to up-level yourself, sometimes finding the right answer for you is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

So we are launching Outpace Q&A to give leaders and ambitious people a place to get their most pressing questions answered — by coaches and experts that understand your roles and know how to navigate all these complexities at the top organizations worldwide.

Ask questions to help you build better products, lead stronger teams, and achieve all your career goals as a leader. Get your questions answered by experts in your field including Natalie Rothfels, George Saines, Shivansh Chaudhary, myself, and more!

At Outpace Q&A, you’ll find quick, personalized answers to a question you are facing and a jumping point if you want to go deeper. Rather than having to navigate long pieces of content that take a significant amount of time to consume, understand, and interpret, you’ll be able to learn everything you need in bite-sized pieces. Together, we will continue to build a comprehensive library of common questions that leaders face everyday — asked by ambitious professionals just like you and answered by experts who’ve been there.

Outpace Q&A is entirely free for you and anyone who shares the same challenges. All questions that our experts can answer thoroughly will be responded to as soon as possible and posted in our forum so that others who may be facing the same challenges are able to gain access to the answers they need.

Are you ready? Ask your question here!

We're looking forward to continuing to support you in your career, any way we can 🚀

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📣 Announcing Outpace Q&A - Ask Any Question & Get an Expert Response
Ravi Mehta
Founder & CEO of Outpace

Ravi brings years of executive leadership experience to his coaching conversations, focusing on radical candor and evidence-based strategies.

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